Company Description

Sonangol USA is a crude oil & products trading office based in Houston, Texas. Sonangol USA sells crude and hydrocarbon derivative products on behalf of Sonangol E.P., the national oil company of Angola.

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Business Situation

Sonangol was ready to move from a manual, disconnected, and people intensive process to an automated and homogenous system to track cargo and trading data. Pineywoods Tech was invited to bid on the RFP for a custom system solution. We are proud to have the privilege to say that we won.


Sales Global Trading System (SGTS) - The SGTS database is an Internet based application that provides the Sonangol London, Houston, and Singapore offices with the ability to create and maintain cargo scheduling and tracking information. The system brings commonality to the Scheduling Operations workflow process, automates reporting used in the process, and increases the quality of work performed by personnel.

Naturally, the company's operations process and data tracking abilities are a key to its success. Coordinating trade pricing data and contracts between offices can be a people intensive process. The system solution is distributed across the globe in a peer to peer topology with local access in each trading office.


Pineywoods was able to provide Sonangol with the solution to connect all four trading offices.