Company Description

Keais Records Inc. is a nationwide records retrieval service company providing a full range of Records Retrieval and Litigation Support Services. Keais is based in Houston, Texas and provides services to its clients ranging from large insurance companies to small law firms.

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Business Situation

Keais proactively decided to participate in a program which afforded them increased protection against bank fraud. Keais needed to integrate their payment system with their financial institution.


Pineywoods created an automated service to transmit check data from the Keais system to the financial institution. The solution also included auditing trails and logs.


We were able to create a B2B service that not only integrated with their financial institution, but also provided logging and an auditable data trail. This solution greatly increased their protection against fraud.

This project was one of our best decisions as we prevented a lot of future grief. Could not have done it without the experts at Pineywoods. Michael J. Lehane President