Company Description

Keais Records Inc. is a nationwide records retrieval service company providing a full range of Records Retrieval and Litigation Support Services. Keais is based in Houston, Texas and provides services to its clients ranging from large insurance companies to small law firms.

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Business Situation

Keais uses a records management database named MR created by OMTI. They had experienced growth in business and decided the time was right to introduce a way to track the phone system activities and utilization for their client cases. They purchased a call center package from TouchStar. Keais needed a way to integrate their case tracking system with a completely foreign call center package.


Pineywoods created an integration solution to perform the data update and reconciliation between the Touchstar and MR systems. The integration agent allowed updates from either system to take place in both databases.


Keais was able to completely forego the need for a dedicated staff member to perform these updates. This solution saved time, provided updated feedback for case metrics, and gave Keais an advatage over their competitors.

Pineywoods was instrumental in helping to integrate our call-center platform with our record keeping system. These were two completely foreign applications that now work symbiotically. With the help of Pineywoods, we have the upper hand on our competitors. Michael J. Lehane President