Company Description

Keais Records Inc. is a nationwide records retrieval service company providing a full range of Records Retrieval and Litigation Support Services. Keais is based in Houston, Texas and provides services to its clients ranging from large insurance companies to small law firms.

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Business Situation

Keais earned the opportunity to enter into a new client relationship with a large insurance company. The conditions of this relationship included B2B integration and automation of the Keais MR system with the client system. The requirements also included adherence to an industry standard format for insurance data named ACORD.


Pineywoods was invited to evaluate the requirements for the B2B relationship and design a solution to satisfy the needs of both parties. We created the Keais XML gateway, hosted by Keais. It is a SOAP compliant interface with the required operations for interacting and data exchange using the ACORD standard.


Keais was able to receive orders in bulk from the new client automatically.

We relied upon Pineywoods’ deep Microsoft platform skills – specifically C# .Net and SQL skills – to help us improve operational effectiveness and efficiencies with process automation. We’ve found the Pineywoods team easy to work with and receptive to our needs. Michael J. Lehane President