Company Description

Keais Records Inc. is a nationwide records retrieval service company providing a full range of Records Retrieval and Litigation Support Services. Keais is based in Houston, Texas and provides services to its clients ranging from large insurance companies to small law firms.

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Business Situation

Keais uses a records management database named MR created by OMTI. They interact with clients primarily via email and telephone conversations. The number of phone calls and emails used to communicate with clients can occupy valuable time which can be used processing case orders. Keais needed to free up more time for an order processor and increase productivity.


Pineywoods was invited to listen to the problem and evaluate the system. We were able to recommend optimizations affecting productivity by automating status communications with their clients. Following our recommendations helped to free up valuable minutes per case spent composing status communications.


We were able to create a fault tolerant and template based notification system providing order status and order item availability notifications for Keais clients. This solution was custom designed taking into account the customer environment and desires.

We relied upon Pineywoods’ deep Microsoft platform skills – specifically C# .Net and SQL skills – to help us improve operational effectiveness and efficiencies with process automation. We’ve found the Pineywoods team easy to work with and receptive to our needs. Michael J. Lehane President