Company Description

BP America is an oil & gas giant based in Houston, Texas at the Westlake campus. They are a major player in the market and are structured with both upstream and downstream operations. As one can imagine, being a large company brings the necessity to use third party systems. Managing integration and the moving target of efficiency, between the people and those systems, can pose its own problems.

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Business Situation

The Terminal Automation System (TAS) is managed by the Distribution Support System Team (DSST) for BP US Fuels & Logistics. During 2004, the TAS application was formally audited. The audit tested compliance with Section 404: Management Assessment of Internal Controls of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX). Certain recommendations were made As a result of the audit.

To comply with these reccomendations, BP required a web based account provisioning solution to manage all the North America terminal database servers.


Pineywoods created a solution that provides an automated workflow process for requesting, approving, provisioning and auditing user accounts for the Terminal Automation System.

The TAS project includes custom software developed to interface with an internal Terminal Access System by TopTech. Pineywoods was able to create a solution that includes account provisioning, approvals, updates, password reset, password recovery, and access control list change auditing.


BP was able to comply fully with the SOX requirements laid out by the auditors. They were also able to automate a great portion of the account administration tasks previously performed by staff personnel.