Company Description

BP America is an oil & gas giant based in Houston, Texas at the Westlake campus. They are a major player in the market and are structured with both upstream and downstream operations. As one can imagine, being a large company brings the necessity to use third party systems. Managing integration and the moving target of efficiency, between the people and those systems, can pose its own problems.

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Business Situation

The current Reporting Server hardware was reaching end-of-life and had experienced component failures over the previous 18 months. Furthermore, the growth in Reporting scope and increased demand for Reporting outputs had brought the old hardware to the limit of its capacity. In order to ensure continued availability and supportability of the BP Compliance Reporting Service, it has been decided to migrate Reporting processes to a new platform.


Pineywoods was able to provide consulting services via subject matter expertise and knowledge in transitioning to a new reporting environment that better suited the needs of the department. We created superior SQL CLR routines to replace old procedures. We guided the recommendations to optimize performance and effeciencies on the new platform.


BP Compliance staff and report consumers experienced a much more stable, performant, and upgraded system.