Our Methodology

We follow a process oriented development methodology designed to minimize project risks and development time. We focus on business solutions that fulfill business goals, instead of merely providing technical solutions. All our applications are built on the basis of this philosophy and we work with businesses in forming solutions that streamline productivity and produce time management. We do this by analyzing your business and outlining your business-to-business and business-to-client processes. Our goal is to provide the solution that best fits the company's short- and long-term needs.

Dynamic Systems Development Method

Pineywoods is a practitioner of industry tested frameworks such as DSDM. We have followed the development and maturation process of the method since 1999. When solutions require more than technology to solve problems, we employ the DSDM methodology.

DSDM Dynamic Systems Development Method

Getting Started

We use a contract and work order based engagement model. A master contract defines the main business terms and for each engagement, a work order is defined. We engage our customers on a fixed price or time and material basis.

Let's start a conversation and an analysis of your business needs. Most types of projects start with a meeting (ideally on-site or a conference call) to review your business requirements. This helps us to decide on next steps, which usually includes a detailed technical review. Got a Question?