Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)

Our experience focuses mostly on developing WPF applications in a way that makes good business sense. The techniques we use for productive WPF development have been widely published and are industry-leading. More importantly, our people have extensive real-world experience in building WPF applications. We develop our WPF applications in Visual Studio while also using tools like Expression Blend.

WPF is only the user interface layer of an application or an entire system. Most WPF applications are not developed in a vacuum, but they tie into larger systems. Architecture is often of significant importance for WPF projects.

Our Approach

.NET projects vary greatly in size and complexity and thus the development and project management approach has to be customized accordingly. We favor our development methodology, but can also integrate with a customer’s existing process.

Getting Started

We use a contract and work order based engagement model. A master contract defines the main business terms and for each engagement, a work order is defined. We engage our customers on a fixed price or time and material basis.

Let's start a conversation and an analysis of your business needs. Most types of projects start with a meeting (ideally on-site or a conference call) to review your business requirements. This helps us to decide on next steps, which usually includes a detailed technical review. We encourage you to contact us today.