We offer a comprehensive portfolio of IT services, built on many years of enterprise scale experience in the IT industry.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of IT services, built on many years of enterprise scale experience in the IT industry. Our Local Professional Services expertise extends around three key business segments: B2B Integration, Custom Software Services, and System Design / Engineering. They are flexible by design and span a wide spectrum of industries and technologies.

We work in close collaboration with our customers to create practical IT solutions designed to help you achieve your objectives and run your business better. Because we operate in the local business community, we are available to cater to the small to mid-size business market.

Our focused service offerings are:

Systems Development

Sometimes an off the shelf product doesn't exist to solve your problems or it isn't the right fit. We provide custom systems development services, tailoring systems for your requirements. Whether it's database, web, winforms, or middle tier development, we have the expertise for your solution.

Business Intelligence

Trying to steer a company requires information and feedback in the hands of decision makers. Sometimes companies can't get a handle on the details because their systems are too complicated or the data is just out of reach. We can help your company discover and define the metrics for its reporting needs. We can also create an entire reporting system solution for your environment.

Systems Integration

The pace of technology in the IT realm has exposed the inefficiencies of standalone data islands and systems. We provide many types of integration services such as B2B or internal systems integration. We can help you automate data delivery and retrieval between you and your customers or between your internal departments.

Process Automation

We provide entire end to end solutions for process automation. We will analyze, document, and design a software solution for your process. This type of project can include a blend of off-the-shelf packages and custom components. Whatever your needs, we can help you realize the cost savings and productivity gains of process automation.

Portals and Websites

Pineywoods specializes in creating enterprise class environments for portal systems and websites. We bring many years of experience with systems for web publishing, e-commerce, intranets, extranets, and more. Our portal kits are tailored for your environment whether its Unix, Microsoft, or Linux. We provide solutions for Office Sharepoint Server, Plumtree, Vignette and others.