RedPine is an eCommerce and automation solution for Litigation Support companies providing Records Retrieval services.

Key Features

Secure Communications

RedPine is secured with technology that satisfies the demands of HIPPA requirements. RedPine provides secure connections, activity audit logs, data corroboration, including the use of check sum and digital signatures to ensure data integrity.

eCommerce Enabled

Users can purchase payload items directly online through RedPine. The system will automatically create invoices and payments in your Litigation Suppport database. Get your payments much faster than sending paper invoices through snail mail.

Web Based

RedPine is a 100% hosted solution provided to our clients and their customers on a web based platform. RedPine is a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering.

Online Ordering

When users request new cases or expand existing cases, new orders are created in your records database automatically. Our ordering interface is usability (UX) optimized for a great user experience.

Direct Records Database Integration

RedPine can communicate with your existing Records Database. It integrates and communicates directly with your existing Litigation Suppport database servers. Orders and Invoices are created in your existing system automatically.

Automatic Notifications

Increase processor productivity by removing the burden of sending emails. Let RedPine do this for you. Your customers can choose how they wish to be notified. RedPine supports notifications by Email, Fax, SMS text messaging, or Voice calling.

Flexible Pricing Models

You are in complete control of firms and pricing rules. You decide which firms must pay before downloading files. Manage pricing exceptions for any firm. RedPine can also set pricing based on invoice records in your existing Litigation Suppport datbase.

Improve Location Data Quality

RedPine provides AUTOMATIC location data correction. Is your location database a nightmare to maintain? RedPine can automatically fill in the gaps for missing location data, provide reports for location data analytics, and rationalize your location records.

No New Logins or Passwords

Your users can login with their existing username and passwords from your records database. RedPine syncronizes with your existing store of users. Most importantly, you can keep your existing processes for account administration.

User Self Service

Empower users to handle basic password tasks on their own to reduce help desk costs and realize a quick ROI.

New User Registration

Allows new clients to register online and begin requesting orders immediately. New contacts are created automatically in your existing Litigation Suppport Database.

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