RedPine is an eCommerce and automation solution for Litigation Support companies providing Records Retrieval services.

Significantly Reduce Charge-Off's

What percentage of your Charge-Off accounts do you wish were in good standing? Prevent Counsel from skipping out on their invoice payments. RedPine gives you the power to enforce payment before payload can be downloaded or delivered.

B2B Bulk Ordering

RedPine provides an instant gateway to integrate with large clients. Facilitates the creation of THOUSANDS of orders per day. Includes Payload delivery and status updates. Compatible with major commerce networks such as SAP's Ariba.


Communications Automation

Automatically notify your customers as soon as items are available for download. Use standardized templates to communicate a consistent brand and message.


Reduce Turnaround Time

Allow your processors to focus on obtaining records and leave the communications and delivery of your records retrieval order payload to RedPine.

Powerful Marketing & Sales

Through the power of eCommerce cart data analytics, RedPine can produce real leads with names and phone numbers of clients who are interested in purchasing order documents.


Improve Location Data Quality

Is your location database a nightmare to maintain? Are your processors wasting valuable time chasing records from locations that do not exist? Or from locations that have bad phone numbers? RedPine provides AUTOMATIC location data correction. RedPine can automatically fill in the gaps for missing location data, provide reports for location data analytics, and rationalize your location records.

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