Pineywoods Tech, LLC was founded by Doug Raney. We initiated business activities March of 2005, utilizing many years of software design and development experience ranging from writing EPROM routines to enterprise scale applications. We are proud of being a company that can offer personalized services to its clients.

What We Do

The work of Pineywoods focuses on the development and implementation of customized software and systems solutions. We specialize in complete system solutions, which are developed by teaming with our customers.

Our Philosophy

We strive to emphasize simplicity as a valued principle in our business practices. This philosophy is also embraced in our design, development, and engagement process. We make every effort to emphasize clear communication and proper use of technology through our services.

Why We Are Different

We employ mature industry proven methods. This means we engage our clients using methods that are designed and proven most effective for software development. Learn more about our Agile methodology.

We bring enterprise scale experience to small-mid level organizations. We bring the kind of experience that enables our clients to benefit from lessons learned and best practices of large enterprises.